The Central Arkansas peer group built specifically for women running & growing businesses over half a million dollars in annual revenue looking to take their business and life to a their next level.

For many women business leaders, it’s lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be. Through a confidential, high-level peer community, The Inner Circle is here to reframe and redesign your business support system. This six-month cohort is specifically designed for women running and growing businesses with over half a million dollars in revenue annually. The Inner Circle will meet from 9AM-2PM once a month from January-June 2024. The Inner Circle is for women looking to take their businesses to the next level alongside other incredible women in an authentic, ego-free environment. While we are a welcoming group, The Inner Circle membership is through application only. 

Natalie Ghidotti & Erin Hohnbaum are co-founders of The Nest Little Rock. They independently own & operate separate seven-figure businesses. Read more about them here.


  • Monthly, half-day, in-person meetings with a dynamic peer group focusing on our Inner Circle Six Key Areas of Growth
  • Accountability for monthly/quarterly goals
  • Exclusive Guest speakers focused on business strategy and growth, including marketing, operations, finance, HR, leadership, conflict resolution 
  • Solution-oriented peer problem solving
  • Confidential resource to work on you and your business
  • “Knowledge sharing” with other large-scale women business owners & leaders in a confidential setting
  • A personal and professional support system. We believe that the Inner Circle is about our wholeness as humans, not just as business leaders. 
  • Access to our exclusive Inner Circle GroupMe
  • All Access Membership to The Nest during the months the Inner Circle meets



We believe you’re only as strong as your mindset. We’ll talk science-backed systems to harness your greatest asset, your brain. 

Goal Setting & Vision Casting

How will we ever arrive if we don’t know where we’re going? We believe in the power of setting large, yet attainable goals for ourselves and our teams. We will discuss and evaluate our Core Values, short-term and long term goals, along with casting our BIG 10 year dream. We will search for the perfect balance between attainable and stretch goals together.

Strategy & Planning

It’s time to step out of the daily running of your business to work on our business instead of in your business. We will strategize on the “how” behind our big, audacious goals. We will put a plan in place to track your most important KPI’s and monitor from a top down approach to keep a birds-eye-view of your business.

Leadership & Culture

Human beings are complex. One of the most challenging aspects of owning or leading a business? People. We will discuss leadership tactics to take a personal approach to leadership and culture creation within our teams and how leadership directly effects not only the joy within our businesses, but the overall profitability.

Marketing & Execution

A great marketing plan is not just another talking point. It’s instrumental in creating and maintaining demand, brand relevance, reputation and differentiating from your competition. Just like the weather in Arkansas, the marketing world is constantly changing. We will learn how to stay abreast of the latest trends and where we need to be taking our marketing game in 2024.

Your Next Level

We’ll work alongside our peers to discover what leveling up looks like for each of us personally and professionally. By identifying our personal blocks holding us back, we will set operational and staffing goals to ensure we have the time and space necessary to get to our next level…whatever that looks like for us as individuals.



The Inner Circle meets on the second Friday of every month. If accepted, new members will begin January 2024.


The Inner Circle requires a commitment of six, consecutive monthly payments of $499. Once the six month commitment ends, membership rolls to a monthly contract with a 90-day cancellation notice requirement.


Due to limited availability and to protect group integrity, Inner Circle Membership is by application only. Our 2023 cohort is completely full. We are currently accepting applications for our 2024 session. If you have questions regarding the Inner Circle, email us at [email protected]